Welcome to the DOH in Wakulla County Mosquito Management website. Residents can use this site to:
  • Request mosquito spray and or Larvacide for property they own or at which they currently reside.
  • Request that the property they own or at which they currently reside is NOT sprayed. Signs will be provided for residents requesting no spraying. Displaying the signs where they are visible from the road will help insure spraying does not inadvertently occur where it is not wanted.
  • Use of this site requires attestation that you own or reside at the property for which the request is made.
Spraying is provided according to the following guidelines:
  • We only spray when and where requested to spray.  You can designate your property a NO Spray area.
  • We do both Larvaciding, which goes into the water and kills the larva, and Adulticiding, which kills the adults.  Larvaciding is the more effective method.
  • We spray between sunset and midnight, and also from 3:00 am and 8:00 am.. Please expect the spray truck during these hours. This is the most effective time to spray because mosquitoes are most active, and beneficial insects like bees and dragonflies are least active. It is also the time least likely to affect outdoor human activities.
  • We only spray when the wind is calm and below 10 mph.
  • We don't spray in the rain or fog.
  • Spraying is done by zone.